Collection: Women's Apparel

The BSc women's gym wear collection is a small but highly designed range. Particular attention has been made to details like, sustainable materials, how you store your phone, or secure your ear buds. The attention to detail is what makes our gym wear a better choice for you.

Women's Apparel

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a good gym outfit for women?

You will want to consider both comfort and functionality for a good gym outfit. Put a comfortable t-shirt or tank top over a well fitting sports bra. Leggings or shorts made from stretchable wicking fabrics that are preferably sustainably made.

How can I look more classy at the gym?

You will want to select the right pieces and pair them with accessories that are both comfortable and stylish. Consider well fitting clothes in neutral colours like black, white and grey that are not too tight or revealing.

What functional requirements should women's gym wear have?

Pick clothing that doesn't hold you back. You need to have shorts that stretch in a squat position. The fabrics should be quick drying and have great ventilation. Consider any sustainable options available and features like easy-to-use zippers or rubber-coated drawstrings.