Collection: Compression

BSc athlete compression targets muscle groups using panels cut and sewn in patented performance assisting patterns. Regularly used by elite athletes it is the gold standard for sports compression.


Frequently Asked Questions

What does compression do for athletes?

The benefits of compression are:

  • Increased muscular power - think run faster, jump higher etc.
  • Increased VO2 max and Anaerobic threshold - think higher endurance.
  • Reduced injuries - think better form, support and stability of joints & muscles.
  • Faster Recovery - think reduced swelling, better blood flow and more post competition comfort.

Should I use compression before or after workout?

Athletic compression is designed to be used during training, competition and afterwards to assist with recovery.

Why do athletes wear compression tights?

Tights offer all the benefits of compression to more muscles in the legs. Where as socks migh only help your archilles, calvies archilles plus calves, long tights help the upper leg quads and hamstrings.