Collection: Accessories


Frequently Asked Questions

What are must have gym accessories?

You will want to have the basics in place.

  • A gym towel to keep things clean,
  • a water bottle for your intra workout hydration and
  • backpack or duffle bags to carry your change of clothes.
  • A protein shaker for your post workout recovery drink.

What makes a good gym bag?

A good gym bag has space for everything you regularly carry and easy access to everything you need. Keys, phone & ear pods, gym pass etc. Pay attention to what pockets and zips are available and extra protection for things like laptops.

How to clean your protein shaker?

  1. First up you want to soak the shaker in hot water for 10-30 minutes. A little white viengar in the water helps kill bacteria.
  2. Next scrub the lid, body and shaker ball with a brush and hot soapy detergent water.
  3. If it still smells then put a 1/4 cup of baking soda and 1/4 cup of white viengar in the body with the lid off & let it sit overnight. Give it another wash with detergent and brush.