Zinc, Magnesium, Vit B6, Bioperine® 60 Tablets - HASTA BATCH TESTED

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The best way to make your fitness routine last!

The ZMB6+ contains zinc, magnesium and vitamin B6. It also includes BioPerine for enhanced absorption.

It maintains and supports muscle health, muscle function, muscle endurance, muscle stamina, metabolic rate and antioxidant protection.

  • You can still give your best when you're in a hurry because ZMB6+ will keep things running smoothly!
  • AUST L #221183 - EXP APRIL 24

TESTED Zinc Magnesium Vitamin B6 60 Tablets - Batch #221183 - EXP APRIL 24

At Body Science we do two types of drug testing:

1. Certified Products = Every batch tested and the HASTA Certified seal is on the pack

2. Random Batch Testing = we select a single batch to send to HASTA for independent testing

To make it easier for competing athletes to access these randomly tested products which are not part of our HASTA Certified range, we’ve listed them here as ‘HASTA Batch Tested’ so you can see which random batch tested products are available to order.

But remember, it’s your responsibility to cross check that the supplement you take is a tested supplement, so we’ve made that easy too with the Body Science Online Search Tool  which you can access here - https://www.bodyscience.com.au/drugtest

This allows you to check the HASTA certificate for your supplement, and download or screenshot it for your records, before consumption.

Body Science means safe choices for you - Providing trusted tested products since 1999.

Support your muscle strength, performance and endurance, plus maintain immune system health with ZMB6+. A premium combination of zinc oxide, magnesium oxide and vitamin B6, plus BioPerine to enhance absorption.

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