The Brigade 7/8 Tights Black Womens

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The Brigade 7/8 Tights Black Womens

7/8 Banded Stretch & Comfort Tights

Featuring our confident non see-thru fibre combination of Lycra sport ® and sorbtek ® permanent moisture-wicking fabric, has added cool black® technology for outdoor comfort. No stitch raw edge technology for added comfort.

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Quality is key

The Brigade 7/8 Tights

Quality is key & these easy fit compression fit leggings feature 7/8 banded cuffed with no stitch raw edge technology making them stretchy and breathable comfortable. Respect the two piece calf detail, & designed and created exclusively for training women.  Designed based on feedback from our #BSCFam & only available online at

Explosive compression technology. This supportive compression fit is made with technology that keeps you cool & dry on the gym floor, running tracks or any training situation.  Designed in-house on the Gold Coast by a compression team that has worked together since 2004.  Body Science offers this branded legging to the range of b&w prints by wasi sabi artist Go Suga (@gosuga)


What is meant by Graded Compression?

While they may look very similar to the lycra tights that were popular in the 80' but there is far more physiology behind compression garments than meets the eye.  Graded compression means that the compression exerted by the garments differs over a given distance. If long lower body garments are used as an example, compression at the ankle and calf is higher than at the thigh. This facilitates the flow of blood through the deep veins back towards the heart. This increase in blood flow and venous return to the heart is one of the reasons why compression garments are used in clinical applications such as prevention of deep vein thrombosis post surgery. Although graded compression garments have been used clinically for many years, it is only more recently that the potential beneficial physiological effects of graded compression has been acknowledged in the athletic environment.

What is this BODY SCIENCE TARGETED ® compression technology?

TARGETED ® design; targets muscle groups via panels and seams so compression is applied to individual targeted muscle groups. Allows the garment to move with the targeted muscle groups in flexion and extension. Garment encloses each region like a muscle sheath, strengthening and providing support to the targeted muscle groups.

Size Chart

Things to remember when fitting the perfect BSC compression

1. Our sizes are based on Australian Standard Sizing.
2. For best results our compression is designed to be tight fitting in all areas without being uncomfortable.
3. If you find you are on the cusp of two sizes we recommend you to choose the smaller size as the garment will mould to your body each time you wear it.
4. Our Garments are classed as Gradient compression. This means the compression is the greatest at the ankle and works it s way up the leg. The ankle seams can be stretched out before wearing for additional comfort if required.

If you have any questions in picking the right size please don’t hesitate to contact the BSC Customer service team at