Daily Probiotic Boost


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Boost your health
Daily Probiotic Boost


This product is recommended for people new to training —so don't forget to add to your daily training  regime.

Enhance Performance

Delivers innovation to assist increase your performance and training results to a new level.


General health & fitness is a goal of most of us. Used as directed you will support healthy body function and performance.

Improve Gut Health

Get the most out of your day with this product designed to support digestive health and immune system function.

Improve Health

Want to get healthier or sick & tired of being sick & tired. This product is designed for fitness orientated people that want to see results.


These Body Science supplements CONTAIN PROBIOTICS —so don't forget to add to your daily training regime.

Digestive Aid

These Body Science supplements CONTAIN DIGESTIVE AIDS —so don't forget to add to your daily training regime.

Gut Health

These Body Science supplements CONTAIN GUT HEALTH —so don't forget to add to your daily training regime.


These Body Science supplements CONTAIN RECOVERY INGREDIENTS—so don't forget to add to your daily training regime.


These Body Science supplements CONTAIN VEGAN SUITABLE INGREDIENTS —so don't forget to add to your daily training regime.

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Daily Probiotic Boost

Perfect for the whole family beneficial for all!

Helps your insides feel good! Organic Bio-Fermented 6 Billion Good Bacteria Suitable for children and vegans.



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  1. Loved it

    Review by Nevas (Posted on July 28, 2016)

    BSc Probiotics booster helped a lot with my health, specially in regards to gut health. It's now part of my daily habit.

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Health, well-being, inner balance, vitality, digestive health

Body Science Probiotic Booster

BSc’s Probiotic Booster is the latest innovative product in the BSc range. It combines Probiotics and Papaya extract in a delicious liquid formulation to help promote health, well-being, inner balance and vitality by aiding digestive health and providing immune system support. The formula is gluten, lactose and GMO free, contains 100% natural ingredients and has no added sugar. Each 20mL serve contains 6 billion good bacteria. Suitable for vegans and children over three, it’s the perfect health enhancing formula for the whole family.

Probiotics are live microbial food supplements which promote the growth of “friendly bacteria” in the human gut. These friendly bacteria exist mainly in the intestines where they improve the microbial balance and are vital to health and well being. Probiotics emerged as a popular treatment in 1908 because fermented foods were associated with longevity (14). The main action of probiotics is to keep the potentially harmful organisms in the gut (harmful bacteria and yeasts) under control and stimulate the gut immune system (14). Probiotics for the prevention and treatment of diarrhoea in children has been extensively studied (1)-(12). Probiotics have also been found to enhance absorption of proteins, fats, calcium and phosphorus and are great to take after a course of antibiotics to help restore good bacteria levels. Each serve of BSc’s Probiotic Booster contains 6 billion good bacteria, equal to the goodness of 1.2L of yoghurt.



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