Nitrovol Lean Muscle

Nitrovol Lean Muscle
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Nitrovol Lean Muscle

Premium Lean Muscle & Recovery Protein

1.5kg/3kg PROTEIN POWDER BLEND | BUILD LEAN MUSCLE NOT FAT | HASTA Certified | High protein carb matrix with 3g creatine | Made with the highest quality whey & milk proteins | Flavours: Milk Choc, White Choc (Vanilla), Choc Peanut Butter. (Product colour

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RRP Price: $179.95


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Today's Price: $143.96

RRP Price: $179.95

The most comprehensive and effective post workout formula

Nitrovol ultimate fast & slow lean muscle protein formula.

The all day lean muscle support associated with the regular consumption of fast, medium and slow release proteins are well-documented in scientific research and now Body Science would like to introduce you to the latest product development – NitroVol Lean Muscle. Lean Muscle, as it is nicknamed, is a combination of supplements including creatine, glutamine, carbohydrates and a blend of quality protein sources.

Each ingredient in this lean muscle formula has been carefully selected, based on scientific research, to have specific physiological effects.



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  1. choc peanut butter tastes like snickers!

    Review by George PappaloumoUW (Posted on July 28, 2016)

    When it comes to protein, im pretty picky on taste! as an up an coming footy player, I need the best tasting protein and effective product to allow me to reach top performance. This product is the best! tastes so good that it seem like it should be bad for ya! look out for me on the field and remember my name......PAPPALOUMOUW

  2. Great protein

    Review by Jim Martin (Posted on July 28, 2016)

    I have tried several protein supps before, but this one does the deal for me. It's perfect for that 20min post workout window, when my body needs all the goods, to help on my gains.

  3. Best lean gainer if the off season

    Review by Big Gary (Posted on July 28, 2016)

    Got great gains during the off season
    Should look the goods this year thanks to this great product

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Not suitable for children under 15 years or pregnant women. 

Should only be used under medical or dietetic supervision.

Gluten, free-ingredients. This Body Science product has no added gluten or byproducts in the formulation.The dietary choices of all our customers are extremely important to us. Whilst this product is manufactured using ingredients and processing aids suitable for the gluten free diet, please note that other powders are also used within the same production facility.

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