K-OS Pre-Workout


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K-OS Pre-Workout

Build Muscle

Get started off on the right foot toward your Build Muscle goals and lets build muscle mass— add to your daily training regime.

Enhance Performance

Delivers innovation to assist increase your performance and training results to a new level.

Improve Concentration

Designed to provide powerful physiological affects to improve concentration before you train or attack your day.

Improve Endurance

Performing at your best every day can be difficult. Used as directed this product is designed to assist your endurance for optimal performance. 

Increase Energy

For sustained energy or more energy for your training, this is perfect. More energy and endurance means peak performance, maximise your training efforts.

Increase Strength

You’ve got the basic scientific principles of training for strength and muscle mass, now we need to support your body during this training. Use as directed for best results.


These Body Science supplements CONTAIN ARGINIINE —so don't forget to add to your daily training regime.

Beta Alanine

These Body Science supplements CONTAIN BETA ALANINE —so don't forget to add to your daily training regime.


These Body Science supplements CONTAIN CAFFEINE —so don't forget to add to your daily training regime.


These Body Science supplements CONTAIN CARNITINE —so don't forget to add to your daily training regime.


These Body Science supplements CONTAIN CREATINE—so don't forget to add to your daily training regime.

Amino Acid

These Body Science supplements CONTAIN AMINO ACIDS —so don't forget to add to your daily training regime.

Pre Workout

These Body Science supplements CONTAIN PREWORKOUT INGREDIENTS —so don't forget to add to your daily training regime.

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K-OS Pre-Workout


180gm PRE-WORKOUT POWDER | STRENGTH & POWER | INFORMED SPORT |3g CREATINE | 1.5g Beta Alanine | 170mg Caffeine | Made with the highest quality amino acids, herbals & caffeine to boost energy & focus | F



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10 customer reviews

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(based on 10 reviews)
  1. Powering through workouts

    Review by Hot mumma (Posted on September 09, 2016)

    K-OS is the only product on the market that I trust is safe as its informed sports approved & affordable.
    It gives me that extra boost to power & perform through my workout as well as having some energy afterwards to come home and clean up after the kids.

  2. Got my supa stack.

    Review by Coconutz (Posted on August 19, 2016)

    I'm a tight ass ask anyone. So I started using hydroxyburn & k-os together, but i'm only having 1 serve of hydroxyburn & 1serve of k-os per day & my supps are lasting heaps longer $$$$$$$$$. Good results because i'm still get a massive 2g ALCAR 3g creatine high caffeine as pre & all the other benefits of betalanine etc. its like 10 quality supps in 2 products. Best stack ever & the flavours even work together Blue Lemonade Hydroxyburn shred & pineapple coconut k-os my go too!. Whats the blue raspberry taste like any samples, saw it on insty.

  3. preworkout value value value

    Review by AlLAbOuT (Posted on August 19, 2016)

    How can you make such a good product for only $39. Tastes so sick & has the essentials caffeine creatine & beta alanine. Then you drug test it for banned substances. Pure & tasty!

  4. The Edge!

    Review by Huddo (Posted on August 19, 2016)

    This stuff is amazing! i love the flavours so easy to drink & especially great with ice.
    feels like i can train faster, harder for longer & heaps more focussed. Totally gets me in the zone concentrating on what i'm doing.
    it's always in my gym schedule.
    love the stuff.

  5. Boost I Needed

    Review by Amz (Posted on August 09, 2016)

    Not only is this product a great price, its great quality, tastes great and does the job perfectly.
    I always get the boost I need for every workout to keep me pushing through like a champ.
    This is definitely a must have product.

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Time to train with intensity

KOS Pre Workout

What should you look for in a Pre-Workout supplement? K-OS Pre-workout is a Formulated Supplementary Sports Food designed to intensify your workout. The synergistic ingredients in K-OS not only deliver increased intensity and focus to your workouts, but also improve muscle growth and strength and aid recovery.

If you want to build muscle or shed fat, you need to maximise your time in the gym. KOS Pre-workout is one of the best speciality formulated powders produced by the Body Science Team as each advanced scoop contains 3000mg  Creatine, 1500mg Beta Alanine, 250mg Arginine and 175mg Caffeine.



Not suitable for children under 15 years of age or pregnant women: Should only be used under medical or dietetic supervision.

K-OS is not a sole source of nutrition and should be consumed in conjunction with a nutritious diet and an appropriate physical training or exercise program.

Contains Caffeine. Not recommended for pregnant or lactating women, or individuals sensitive to caffeine.

Ingredients & Use