HydroxyBurn PRO Diet

HydroxyBurn PRO Diet
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HydroxyBurn PRO Diet

Premium Lean & Ripped Protein

400gm PROTEIN POWDER BLEND | LEAN & RIPPED | High protein Low carb | Build muscle | Made with the highest quality plant & whey proteins | FLAVOURS: Choc Fudge, Cookies & Cream



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Protein is an essential nutrient

Hydroxyburn Pro Diet post workout recovery and diet formula.

Are you looking to be a healthier, leaner and fitter version of yourself? HydroxyBurn Pro Diet has been formulated to help you get there. This research driven formula contains a proprietary blend of high quality proteins, with added Glycine, BCAA’s, L-Carnitine and Green tea plus vitamin and minerals to help you build muscle, boost your metabolism, reduce your appetite and aid recovery. High in protein but low in fat and calories, it can be taken daily to help get you lean and ripped.

Whether you're looking to build muscle or shed fat, you need protein. Frequent ingestion of high quality protein sources throughout the day is important for the maintenance of  lean muscle mass (4). This is of obvious benefit to those wanting to build muscle, but it is also useful for those looking to get in shape. Let’s remember that for anyone looking to shed those extra kilos, it’s fat that you want to lose. If you lose muscle mass during energy restrictions your metabolic rate will drop, making it increasingly difficult to lose the desired body fat. Lean muscle tissue burns calories and helps ensure your metabolic rate remains high. So to reach your weight loss goals you need to maintain an adequate protein intake while simultaneously restricting your calorie intake and exercising. HydroxyBurn Pro Diet is a great inclusion in any weight loss plan as it delivers 20g of protein per serve but is low in fat and calories.  



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  1. my trainer said get a protein

    Review by money2 (Posted on July 28, 2016)

    I got one of each choc & the cookies. I use them every day. they are so easy to use & tatste really good. I like them with water & ice in the blender. my wife even make pancakes with them. I saw it in woolworths too is it the same product.

  2. Fantastic option for everyday training

    Review by Jezza (Posted on February 11, 2015)

    I'm training most days of the week, purchased the cookies and cream and choc flavoured containers and followed the recommendations. haven't looked back since! seriously it is definitely worth buying.

    PS. C&C are is fav flavour!

  3. Awesome Pre-Workout

    Review by Dan (Posted on February 10, 2015)

    First protein powder I ever took. I used this as pre and post workout for a balanced cardio and building workouts. Worked like a charm especially as pre-workout to help out with the fatigue after a cardio before jumping into weights. Highly recommend it for energizing before a well-balanced cardio-weight workout.

  4. Great tatse and effective results

    Review by K1X Asia (Posted on December 30, 2014)

    I started using this 3 weeks ago and already am seeing the results combined with regular exercise and diet.

  5. Great Taste and Results Given

    Review by K1X Asia (Posted on December 28, 2014)

    I used my first container over the past 3 weeks and with a stable exercise routine using before and after my workout I have already dropped 4kgs. It has a great choc taste and is easily taken with the BSC shaker. Recommend using it for those wanting that extra boost than diet and exercise!

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Not suitable for children under 15 years or pregnant women. 

Should only used under medical or dietetic supervision.

Gluten, free-ingredients. This Body Science product has no added gluten or byproducts in the formulation.The dietary choices of all our customers are extremely important to us. Whilst this product is manufactured using ingredients and processing aids suitable for the gluten free diet, please note that other powders are also used within the same production facility.

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