V6 Athlete Half Quad Shorts Mens Natural

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V6 Athlete Half Quad Shorts Mens Natural

Protection & Performance Undergarment Compression

Perfect Compression Garment for Game Day. Fits Perfectly Under your Footy Shorts

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V5 BODYSCIENCE Athlete Compression Tights have been Designed and made in Australia.

V5 BODYSCIENCE Athlete Compression Tights specified panel design forms the corner stone of these unique garments.

BSc’s compression range is sport performance equipment utilising body moulded panel technology of athletes. This targeted design offers athletes improved fit, performance and improved recovery.

Being comfortable whilst you exercise is often an underestimated factor in exercise performance, particularly for our athletes. Bsc Half Quad garment utilises the latest body mapping technology to provide the most comfortably superior compression garment. By applying specific graded compression to the upper leg the garment provides superior blood flow and muscular support through a range of dynamic flexion and extension movements promoting improved exercise performance.



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Size Chart

Things to remember when fitting the perfect BSC compression

1. Our sizes are based on Australian Standard Sizing.
2. For best results our compression is designed to be tight fitting in all areas without being uncomfortable.
3. If you find you are on the cusp of two sizes we recommend you to choose the smaller size as the garment will mould to your body each time you wear it.
4. Our Garments are classed as Gradient compression. This means the compression is the greatest at the ankle and works it s way up the leg. The ankle seams can be stretched out before wearing for additional comfort if required.

If you have any questions in picking the right size please don’t hesitate to contact the BSC Customer service team at customerservice@bodyscience.com.au