Athlete Sports Drink 500g Lemon Lime

Athlete Sports Drink 500g Lemon Lime
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  • Contains a Blend of 4 Specific Carbohydrates

  • Good Electrolytes

  • Reduces Onset of Fatigue 

  • Promote Rapid Rehydration 

  • Scientific 2:1:1 BCAA ratio 

  • For Prolonged Endurance Exercise


Athlete Sports Drink combines a specific blend of 3 amino acids, 4 carbohydrates and 5 electrolytes in a naturally sweetened, coloured and flavoured formula. Designed for athletes who exercise for prolonged lengths of time, Athlete sports drink helps to minimise the onset of exercise induced fatigue and optimise re-hydration throughout prolonged exercise. If you’re serious about your endurance performance than you’ll know that Athlete Sports Drink is there to help you continue to push past your limits.

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Sports Drink Facts:

- Contains 4 specific carbohydrates

- Replenishes electrolytes

- For prolonged exercise endurance

- Helps reduce onset of fatigue

- Promotes rapid rehydration

- Scientific 2:1:1 BCAA ratio

- Contains BCAA plus other essential aminos, which support muscle function and enhance energy

- Speeds post exercise recovery


Athlete Sports Drink goes beyond the basics of a generic sports drink that is filled with sugar, minimal electrolytes and loads of artificial ingredients. Instead we have upheld the quality known amongst the Body Science brand and created a product that uses scientifically researched ingredients in clinically proven ratios.

Dehydration is one of the biggest causes of performance decrements throughout exercise.It is known that with a 2% lose of body weight during exercise comes a decrease in performance. This loss comes from the sweat our body produces in order to release heat and keep our body temperature at a stable level. Unfortunately most peoples thirst mechanisms don’t even kick in until >2% of body weight has been lost. Ultimately, athletes are already fatiguing and reducing performance levels without even knowing it.

By ensuring that you’re keeping hydrated and replenishing key electrolytes commonly lost in sweat, you can limit any reductions in performance that may be related to your hydration status. By continually sipping on Athlete Sports Drink every 15-20 minutes you can continually replenish the fluids lost and help to maintain exercise performance.

For endurance athletes, a major problem they face is replacing both carbohydrates and fluids effectively without one inhibiting the absorption of the other. It has been found that a solution where carbohydrate content is between 6-8% will not inhibit fluid absorption. A solution where carbohydrate content exceeds 8%, however, has been found to slow fluid replenishment potentially affecting your hydration.

This is where the innovation and scientific research comes into play. Athlete Sports Drink has a 7% Carbohydrate solution to ensure it stands out from the crowd and effectively re-hydrates and re-fuels at the same time. By combining a specific 4 carbohydrate blend, with 5 key electrolytes and BCAA’s you’ll not only replenish lost fluids but also help maintain normal muscle function and replace lost energy stores

Athlete Sports Drink provides all the essential re-hydration and energy fueling ingredients so that you can keep your performance at your optimum levels throughout your session/event.



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