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Susie Burrell

Renowned Dietitian
& Author of the BodyScience MYBody

"Not a spreadsheet.
A complete program
of ‘Nutrition and You’."

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Shaping protein for women.


The heart and soul of Body Science lies in the constant pursuit of innovation and ethics for a healthy mind and body.
In 2010 Body Science team of experts started a journey to create the most sophisticated and effective female specific protein supplement on the market. 5 years later the BODY brand has grown into Australian females  favourite sports nutrition brand of choice.
Our continual customer and market research into the nutritional needs of the Australian female population led to us delivering more protein options for the savy female health consumer personalised to the needs of the modern day female. We also recognised females needs to want to eat as clean as possible which is why our range now has no artificial colours, flavours or sweeteners.

Body is proudly 100% Australian owned and manufactured. We understand the need for quality which is why every single product in the Body range is stringently tested and conforms to the highest industry standards. We always welcome, and indeed encourage, consumer feedback in order to constantly improve every area of our business. If you have a specific question or feedback please send us an email. We recognise that communication is key to developing the best product possible.
There has never been a better time to shape your body


What You Get

Meal Plan

Your own personalised and customisable meal plan.

Your Dietitian

Direct access to a dietitian for all your weight loss questions.

Shopping List & Product Guide

Supermarket product guide for a healthy life.


A smart & simple weight-tracker.

Daily exercise & motivation tips

Daily exercise & motivation tips available for you to keep on track towards your goal.

500 Meals to Choose!

Over 500 meals to choose from including gluten free, wheat free, vegan, low FODMAPS and plans to cater for insulin resistance.


Not a spreadsheet. A complete program of ‘Nutrition and You’.

MYBody is a Women’s inspired online community aimed to empower women with the skills and knowledge considered necessary by qualified professionals to enhance the health and wellbeing of all women.


We understand your BODY

As part of a movement towards more mainstream usage the female Sports Nutrition category continues to see strong growth in sports nutrition products. Body For Women still remains as the leader of female specific sports nutrition. Development of innovative products that further target female wants for cleaner sport nutrition options with lower calorie RTD options form the basis of development. Packaging also forms the crust of females demands for a superior product with Body For Women being first to market in a variety of design and packaging manufacturing options.


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