4 Reasons you’re not losing weight

There are several factors that can impact an individual’s ability to lose weight including food, exercise, lifestyle and hormone levels. Most people appreciate that food tends to have the biggest impact on weight loss and therefore they may attempt to lose weight by caloric [...]Read more

Vitamin K2 by David Wood with Dr Hogna Vik

Vitamin K2 is as necessary for supporting bone and heart health, as calcium, according to a new study published in Open Heart. With close to 5 million Australians over 50 living with osteoporosis or poor bone health, we need better strategies for optimising bone strength and [...]Read more

Dr Hogne Vik Vitamin K2 Interview

Vitamin K in an important ingredient in our BSc Triandrobol read some excellent points made by Dr Hogne Vik. Most people are aware calcium is important for strong and healthy bones.  However for healthy bones calcium needs to be deposited into them effectively. Vitamin K2 has [...]Read more

What are nootropics, and how do they work? by personal trainer Moodi Dennaoui Expert for Body Science

What are nootropics, and how do they work? Known as smart drugs, nootropics (derived from the a greek word meaning “Towards the Mind”) are cognitive enhancers that increase focus varying from caffeine to amphetamines. How can everyday people use nootropics, and what [...]Read more

GQ- What is a Nootropic by personal trainer Moodi Dennaoui Expert for Body Science #dietdoctor

What are they The word ‘Nootropic’ is actually a Greek work that means ‘Toward the Mind’. They are known as the ‘smart drugs’ as they are cognitive enhancers that help to increase the users focus to a point of somewhere between caffeine and amphetamines. What are the benefits The [...]Read more

Michael Webster – Make your training fun

Make your training fun with variety rather than a making it chore. That way you are more likely to stick at it ! Also try find a training buddy with similar goals to challenge and push each other. This is the perfect way to kickstart the healthy lifestyle change of 2017. @mike_webby_Read more

9 Personal Trainers On The Fitness Advice They Live By—They All Agreed On One Thing It’s the golden ticket to your fittest year yet. By Georgia Pretty

Training without a goal is a setup for failure. At least, that’s what all these top personal trainers seemed to say when asked for their fitness advice for 2017. And if you’ve spent sessions aimlessly wandering around the gym, using any machine that was free, you’d probably agree [...]Read more
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