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Compression Garments – Frequently Asked Questions

Some companies quote the pressure exerted by their garments, is this accurate? The truth is that there is no globally accepted methodology to measure the compression that commercially available compression garments provide. This is why many manufacturers will quote compression [...]Read more
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Are You Doing Everything You Can To Help Your Recovery?

Recovery is quite often an overlooked aspect of most people’s training. The harsh truth to it is, if you don’t give your body the opportunity to recover properly or you over train, you’re most likely going to reduce the performance effects associated with training and increase [...]Read more
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BSc BodyScience International

BODY SCIENCE ® BSc ® or Body Science® products enhance physical performance and underpin a healthy lifestyle Body Science® exemplify Australian and New Zealand supplement standard for athletes, sportsmen and women and those for whom fitness is the predominant requirement for [...]Read more
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Recovery Nutrition and What You Should Be Focusing On

Recovery continues to prove that it’s a complex process, sometimes, more complex than the workout or training session itself! Despite this, it is, and always will be a big part of any athletes lifestyle, whether novice or elite. Recovery can be identified by the time between [...]Read more
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An Athletic Body for Men and Women

When most people decide to workout it’s because they want to change the way they look. They want to lose fat and gain muscle. They want a transformation. And traditionally, when asked to pick the type of body they want, they usually use some type of athlete to describe the body [...]Read more

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