Don’t loose your summer gains this winter

The summer months are when everyone loves to get outdoors and be active. Everyone loves to get down to the beach and enjoy the hot, sunny days. Typically the winter months can see a decrease in motivation to train and an increased likelihood of staying warm under the bed sheets [...]Read more
Nitrovol superfood infographic 2

The BSc R&D Team Suggest NitroVol Primal

The post workout nutritional window has been dissected a million times over, and will continue to be heavily researched and investigated in order to give the elite athletes within our community the most up to date, and relevant ingredients and nutrient timing procedures to help [...]Read more

Why Everyone Should Focus on a Good Warm Up Before Training

Warming up has for a long time been considered to be a necessary component of a session, yet was completed in a lacklustre way. Generally running a lap or two of the oval followed by a few half hearted static stretches was considered ‘warming up’. Nowadays, most established [...]Read more
commando recovery

Don’t look backwards, look forwards

Whilst the past holds in it a great array of methods and protocols that help us perform and achieve at our highest level, it’s the future that presents the opportunities to surpass the once before ‘benchmark’ performances. So why are people so reluctant to adapt to the trends [...]Read more

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