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Regardless of whether you walk, run, swim, jump or lift in your corresponding sport one thing that is certain is your performing quite a high degree of activity. Performing these activities with a high degree of efficiency is essential to ensuring you don’t waste unnecessary time and money in your sport. The Athlete range is designed to around a simple athletic principal “Allowing you to stave of fatigue and keep your performance at an optimal level”. After 16+ years in elite sport we have an awareness of the need for athletes to maintain energy levels and this has led to the design of Athlete Series. From Rugby players to track athletes, if your more powerful than your opponents you are one step closer to victory. Knowledge of the importance of this athletic sports nutrition requirement is more than the latest hype, its proven on competition day.

There is no one-off magical supplement for game day it never comes down to that. Its what you do during the lead up to the event, the countless hours you spent honing your skills in the training arena. We know that. Our sports nutrition provides assurance to athletes that products carrying the INFORMED-SPORT mark have been regularly tested for prohibited substances and manufactured to high quality standards. Responsible supplement companies offer INFORMED-SPORT. Body Science assisted Informed Sport launch in Australia. Anti doping had always been part of our existing quality assurance systems to ensure products are safer for athletes to use. Any elite athlete will tell you, sports results often come down to who’s able to last the longest. Your ability to fight of fatigue and keep physically and mentally focused is paramount for athletic success. Our heritage is elite sport. It lives in our DNA. We have played at the highest level in sport and that gives us an unfair athletic advantage. We know sport.


Body Science Ultra-Premium WPI


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BSc Athlete

BSc Athlete